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SE National Transport Safety Policy includes:


  • Identifying, assessing and managing all safety risks.


  • Training and coaching staff to implement safety strategies.


  • Setting business goals to develop, implement and exceed safety standards.

  • Comprehensive policies to manage Fatigue, Mass, Dimension and Load restraint


  • Communication and education of customers


  • Regularly auditing our progress in our journey to being incident free.

  • Investing in emerging technology to mitigate risks




"The safety of our employee's and everybody around us is our main priority"

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At SE National our fleet comprises of late model prime movers equipped with all the latest technology to aid the drivers in completing their trip in a safe and efficient manner.


Every truck we put on the road must go through our rigorous testing program and must be equipped with:


  • Lane Assist 

  • Adaptive Cruise Control 

  • Collision Warning with Emergency Brake

  • Speed Warning Sensors

  • Blind Spot Monitoring 



Strategic partnerships with technology providers

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Guardian by Seeing Machines is a real-time driver fatigue and distraction solution that is scientifically proven to reduce fatigue by upwards of 90%. Guardian combines in-cab intervention with 24/7 support and analytics services, providing a complete safety solution for commercial vehicles.


This innovative product uses a set of sensors that deploy face and gaze-tracking algorithms to measure the driver’s head position and eye closure and, when safety parameters are exceeded, audio alarms and seat vibration are immediately activated.

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SE Nationals long standing partnership with AMA Fleet and Teletrac Navman has continued to grow over the years and has now come to include several safety systems including Electronic Work Diaries.

While fatigue is highly regulated and a major concern for all links in the transport chain, our electronic fatigue management solution helps to manage drivers and schedule their work based on reliable, real-time information and analytics.

Benefits of this system:

  • Fatigue dashboard with insights into each driver’s available hours and work history

  • Real-time alerting of fatigue breaches as they occur, not after the fact

  • Click of a button reporting for easy auditing

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