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Seeing the Road Ahead

Our partnership with Telematics Solutions has seen us fit our trucks with Seeing Machines - Guardian

Guardian by Seeing Machines is a real-time driver fatigue and distraction solution that is scientifically proven to reduce fatigue by upwards of 90%. Guardian combines in-cab intervention with 24/7 support and analytics services, providing a complete safety solution for commercial vehicles.

This innovative product uses a set of sensors that deploy face and gaze-tracking algorithms to measure the driver’s head position and eye closure and, when safety parameters are exceeded, audio alarms and seat vibration are immediately activated.

The Guardian system also features a forward-facing camera which captures critical information about road at the time of the event.

Risk Levels

When a fatigue or distraction event is detected, data and footage are immediately relayed to the 24/7 Guardian Centre, which then alerts fleet management and allows them to respond in real time to the developing situation in the cab.

Each event is logged to the vehicle and depending on the number and type events over a period of time the overall risk of each vehicle is increased or decreased.

This displays visually for our operations team to view in real time.

At SE National our commitment to safety has led to substantial investments in game changing technology and is one of the leaders in uptake of new and exciting technologies.

It is our industry leading technology that helps us optimise efficiencies and reduce risk for our employees and our customers.

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